Technology Department

Here you will find miscellaneous documents that may assist you in basic troubleshooting.

NWEA can be tested using the “NWEA Lockdown browser” on desktop computers (any of the labs). If you want to test using the ipads, you can, but there are a few steps to follow, which are included below.

Get ready to take the NWEA test (MAP test) on your iPad:
  1. Check battery level – make sure the iPad has enough power to run at least through the length of the test, or that it is plugged into power.
  2. Close all apps.
  3. Turn screen brightness all the way up.
  4. Set iPad horizontally (landscape mode).
  5. Turn off pop-up blocking [Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups – switch to OFF].
  6. Open Safari .
  7. Go to to take the real test – If the test window doesn’t open, review step 5.
  8. Close all Safari windows or tabs except the testing window.

A Message from the Technology Department

Regarding iPads. This is a reminder that iPads are intended to be utilized as an educational device and not a gaming or social media outlet.  To that end, we will be closing both the App Store and the RE-1 App Store temporarily. Students must remove any unauthorized app from their iPads. (In case you don’t know how to remove an app, hold down on the app’s icon until it wiggles then tap the X in the upper corner of the icon. Presto! It’s gone). Unauthorized apps include non educational games, facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and any of the many texting apps available.

Ipad Documentation

Please be sure to go to settings and icloud settingsgo to iCloud and sign in with the same apple ID. This will basically offer the ability to track the ipad later if lost or stolen

Setup your Apple iPad – short version – This is the document we are handing out with every iPad.  It is a simplified version of the FULL instructions below.

Setup apple ID FULL instructions – this is the full step by step instructions aimed to explain every step for setting up an Apple ID.

24mlujan (example) – Example documentation for apple ID’s.