2021 E-Rate RFP Documentation

2021 E-Rate RFP Documentation

Welcome to the 2020 E-Rate RFP Documentation page for Huerfano School District Re-1. District’s BEN: 142372 District’s FCCRN: 0011609328

For the 2021 Funding Year, we are seeking Request for Proposals for the following Category 1 services: (Links to RFP’s will be posted here and on the USAC portal). Please review RFP’s for details regarding each category one service requested.

  • Internet Access with Transport Services Bundled.  Main Campus 1gbps up to 10gbps.  District Administration Building (Non-Instructional Facility) 500mbps.
  • Internet Access with Transport Services Bundled.  Gardner Valley Charter School 50mbps up to 10gbps.

Please review specific RFP’s. Updated: 1/28/2021

We are not seeking RFP’s Category 2 services at this point in time.

More Information can be found on the USAC EPC Portal.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How many daily users do you see on the network?

A. This was partially answered on our RFP, “RFP-Cat1-FY21-1”, in Part I, Number 3. We have approximately 330 students at Peakview School and approximately 160 students at John Mall High School. Staff add in an additional 60 between the two schools. In total for our MAIN CAMPUS, 550 average daily users.

Q. Is there any 1:1 or BYOD program planned or in place?

A. We do have a 1:1 Chromebook distribution to all of our students in Kindergarten through Twelfth grades.

Q. Since we are your current solution, I wanted to ask if you still want me to submit our bid with all the additional information, like references, history of the company, summary of qualifications, etc. (found in Part II, p. 6 of the RFP).
A. For continuity purposes, please include the information requested, such as references.
Q. It appears you want the HS to be the head end of your network and have the primary IA connection terminate.  From there you are requesting a fiber WAN connection to the Admin Building.
A.  Per our RFPs, we are seeking an Internet connection to be installed at Peakview School, which is our elementary school.  Our main campus currently has a 500mbps non-dedicated fiber internet access coming into Peakview School.  We are wanting our headend to be located at Peakview School, since it is our newest building.

Our district is currently seeking grant funding along with a bond (passed November 2020) contingent upon receipt of grant to build a new high school on the same property, just slightly further East than the current buildings, which encourages us to seek the primary location to be at Peakview School, located at 375 West Pine Street, Walsenburg, CO  81089.

It is acceptable for the district administrator office to have a separate connection, or it can be part of the same WAN.Our Current provider has a headend/fiber popsite located elsewhere in town and has both bridged in a WAN connection, allowing both sites to utilize the same public IP address space.  They are technically considered separate circuits as far as I can tell, even though they have the ports bridged/vlaned.

Q.   On the other 470 it appears you are requesting stand alone internet connectivity to the Charter School.  Is this what you are looking to accomplish?
A.  Gardner Valley Charter School is needing to be a different connection altogether. Due to the nature of the Charter School needing to purchase services out of their budget, this would be a separate service from the remainder of the district.
Gardner is an unincorporated township 25 miles North West of Walsenburg.  Currently there is no major infrastructure directly available to the school – CenturyLink has a phone service CO located in the township, but the location of Gardner is isolated enough, where their capabilities are extremely limited.  Yes, Gardner Valley Charter School will end up with a stand alone internet connection from the remainder of the district, which is why a separate RFP and USAC form 470 was issued.

Currently, Gardner Valley School receives their Internet Access through a WISP.  Our provider, which was the same for the other schools and district office, just recently sold off their wireless ISP service to another vendor.