Supporting Documentation for BEST Grant Project

Supporting Documentation for BEST Grant Project

Responses to Questions for Owner’s Rep RFQP

(PDF Version of response is available by clicking the following link: Owners Rep Questions and Responses )

  1. Will there be any collaboration with La Veta School District on the project parameters since the RFP notes sharing service with them for the students?
    La Veta and Huerfano are separate and independent school districts serving Huerfano County.
  2. With the Architect RFQP currently out like this one, will the selected OR have any responsibilities for that procurement review or decision? The Scope matrix notes design team procurement and management so just looking for clarification on the predesign services.
    For the purpose of this solicitation, please include all services in the OR Scope Matrix.
  3. Is the OR responsible for the management of the demo and abatement as well?
    The district is seeking to engage all-inclusive OR services through project completion.
  4. Do you still intend to pursue the following features at the new John Mall campus per the planning recommendations?
    1. Outdoor courtyard for school collaboration and display of student work.
    2. Include more natural light.
    3. Consolidate buildings – Both schools need to be connected to each other for
      programming, safety/security, and community unity.
      That is the idea but Peakview School will continue to be operated independently from the new secondary school.
    4. Large enough space to support concerts, dinners, performances, galleries, etc.
    5. Provide CTE programming
  5. Do you still intend to pursue a 7-12 campus at the new site per planning recommendations?
  6. Shall we consolidate our letters of recommendation to just Owners Rep. projects?
    Yes please.
  7. We’ve done some conceptual modeling and estimating for CTE facilities with districts which haven’t yet translated into active construction projects. Would you like to review their feedback on our work completed to date?
    District may consider after the selection process is complete.
  8. Shall the Risk Minimization Plan include strategies and tactics which we use to mitigate risk on past and current projects? Can you offer any clarification regarding the distinction from a RMP and typical preconstruction planning and foresight? Anticipating potential issues is one of the key benefits of an Owners Rep and every task we take on has risk minimization at the front of our minds. Do you have a template plan available for review?
    The request is clear and the district is not planning to provide a template. The question shall be answered as the candidates see appropriate.
  9. Can you elaborate or clarify what is meant by work at risk? Can you quantify a potential duration of this work at risk phase?
    This will depend on when the district is able to receive reimbursement from BEST and will depend on when the project kicks-off. For the purpose of this solicitation, assume worst case for this work-at-risk phase to be a maximum of 4 months.
  10. RFQ notes a breakout of our fee by phase. Only Phase 1 (school replacement) is noted. Which phases are you referring to? Design, estimating, construction, occupancy, and warranty?
    Yes. By project phase. For clarification, Phase 1 refers to school replacement and Phase 2 to demolition and site work.
  11. Are you anticipating any major shifts in enrollment once things return to status quo? Are you aware of any large student cohorts who won’t be returning to in person learning, or will you be differing to the new counts this November to verify this enrollment delta?
    We are not anticipating modifications to our plan based on student enrollment. Stable enrollment is assumed.
  12. Do you have an AHERA report or other asbestos data on pre 1980 construction at JMHS?
  13. Is the district interested in pursuing a condensed master planning effort for Gardner
    School? Would you be interested in seeing a supplemental proposal for that work? We specialize in many different service lines including, Owners Rep & contract administration, along with long term facility master planning.
    Not at this point.
  14. How will project objectives change if not awarded the BEST grant?
    The project cannot be completed without a BEST Grant.
  15. Did the Wold Planning include enrollment projections?
    Please refer to Facilities Master Plan.
  16. Have any fire protection studies been completed? Do you know if an on-site water
    storage tank will be required?
    Not anticipated.
  17. Who provided the cost estimate for the BEST Grant budget?
    Multiple construction companies assisted in developing the budget.
  18. In review of the BEST Grant information, it appears your program is 63,302 sf but the new building is noted to be budgeted for 55,998 sf. Can you clarify what the anticipated square footage of the new HS building will be?
  19. Please clarify if “Phase 2 Construction” shown in your project schedule is for Peakview renovations. If so, is the intent of HSD to work with the firms (OR, Architect & GC) hired for John Mall on the Peakview renovation as well? Will you be requesting a separate fee proposal for that scope of work since it is not part of the BEST Grant project?
    Phase 2 refers to demolition of old building and site work. Peakview shall not be included as part of this solicitation.

Responses to Questions for Architect/Engineers RFQP

(PDF Version of response is available by clicking the following link: AE Questions and Responses )

  1. Is there a page limit on the proposal?
  2. Is this delivery of the RFP via electronic email to you by May 14, 2021, 4:00pm MDT? If so, on p.6 of 7, the document states, “The fee proposal is to be submitted in a sealed envelope with this RFQ/P.”
    Please submit a fee proposal as a separate file in the same email.
  3. Will there be a scheduled site walk for interested design firms?
    a. If no, can firms visit the site on their own accord?
    All pertinent information is available in our website. A site walk is not anticipated or deemed necessary for this solicitation.
  4. Will selection be made solely off of the RFQ/P response, or will there be a shortlist of firms that will be invited to interview?
    The district will decide how to proceed with this solicitation upon BEST grant award.
  5. The preliminary schedule posted on the District website indicates a design starting in December of 2022, which we are assuming ties to a November bond election. With the release of this RFP/Q now, we are assuming it is the District’s goal to start the process before then. When would the District like to start design?
    The district intends to start design as soon as possible upon a successful BEST grant award. A local bond election passed in November of 2020.
  6. In section IV Fee Proposal, there is reference to short listed firms preparing a fee. It also indicates that the fee should be in a sealed envelope and submitted with this RFP/Q. Question: Is a fee due at the time of electronic submittal of this RFP/Q? If yes, since the RFP/Q is an electronic submittal would the fee also be submitted electronically?
    Please submit a fee proposal as a separate file in the same email.
  7. Is there any anticipated renovation scope at the existing Peakview School?
    Yes. This solicitation is limited to the replacement of John Mall High School.
  8. Can you confirm it’s the District’s intent to incorporate 7th and 8th grade into the new
    John Mall Secondary School?
    That is the intent.
  9. Does the District want the AE team to include FF&E (Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment) design, specification, procurement, installation observation services?
    (Please indicate if any/all of those services.)
  10. Please clarify if fees are due with this RFQ/P response or later after firms are
    See response to Question #2.
  11. Does the District intend to interview shortlisted firms?
    See response to Question #4.
  12. Beyond targeting LEED Gold or CHPS, has the District set any specific high performance goals?
  13. With BEST Grant Awards scheduled to be made by June, is it feasible to start
    Programming/Conceptual Design in summer and Schematic Design in the fall instead of December?
    The district intends to start design as soon as possible upon successful BEST Grant award.
  14. On page 4 of 7, Section 3 item 1 references Programming/Conceptual Design, but can you clarify when that phase would occur since it is not shown on the Project Schedule?
    The district intends to start design as soon as possible upon successful BEST Grantaward.
  15. Is the CM/GC to be selected based on the Schematic Design deliverable? For which
    phases does the District want a detailed cost estimate, not provided by the CMGC?
    It has not been decided when a CMGC will be selected. For the purpose of this solicitation, assume cost estimates for all design phases.
  16. Can you confirm the required dates of construction completion for Phase 1 (new
    building) and Phase 2 (demo and site)?
    Please reference BEST Grant project schedule for preliminary timeline
  17. Can you confirm what competition-level sports are to be planned for, both indoor and
    This will be discussed upon award with the successful candidate.
  18. Would it be possible for the clarification responses to be issued sooner than Monday, May 10?
    Clarifications will be posted per RFQP stated timeline.
  19. Is the Owner/Architect contract form yet known? If so, is a draft available for review?
    This will be provided and negotiated with the successful candidate.