Autism Seminar/Training

Huerfano RE-1 cordially invites parents and community members to attend an Autism Seminar/Training

Huerfano RE-1 teachers and staff will have a training on various topics about Autism on Friday, March 2nd at the District Office auditorium beginning at 9:00am. Parents of students and interested community members are invited to attend.
The 3 topics addressed by presenter Dr. Karen W Colvin M.S., M.D,  Executive Director /Lead

Therapist of Soaring Eagles Center for Autism in Pueblo are as follows:

  1. Autism-Understanding the Diagnosis
  2. Teaching Strategies for Students with Autism
  3. Sensory Processing Disorder & Autism

Seats to the front of the auditorium will be reserved for employees of Huerfano RE-1.
There is no cost to the public to attend.

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Students will be released at 3:05.
There will be no buses running except for the Gardner bus coming from Gardner and those students can be picked up at the bus garage. Parents must come into the school to pick up their students parents remember to bring your ID. Only people on the contact list will be able to check out the student

Huerfano School District Re-1 facebook

Peakview and John Mall high school are on Lock Out status. Students are moving freely within the buildings and their classrooms, running their normal schedules. Release time will be at the normal time.
Parents are asked to not come to the school to pick up children at this time, as you will not be allowed into the buildings.

Thank you!