Staff Evaluation Procedures

On this page, you will find our district’s description of our educator evaluation system.

Educator Effectiveness

The Huerfano RE-1 School district evaluates the performance levels of all teaching and administrative staff as well as guidance counselors and school nurse by using the adopted State Model Of Evaluation. Huerfano RE-1 is meeting all of the required elements of a local evaluation system with the use of the State Model of Evaluation an example of which can be found below and at the educator effectiveness website

Local Board Policies

Local Board Policies dictate how staff performance/evaluation is handled (This may not be a comprehensive list of policies pertaining to the staff evaluation process):

For a complete list of Policies as adopted by the Board of Education, please go to our Board Policies area here

  • BDFA* – District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council

  • CBD – Superintendents Contract

  • CBI – Evaluation of Superintendent

  • CBI-R – Evaluation of Superintendent Regulation

  • GCOA – Evaluation of Instructional Staff

  • GCOA-R – Evaluation of Instructional Staff Regulation

  • GCOC – Evaluation of Administrative Staff

  • GCOC-R – Evaluation of Administrative Staff Regulation