Records are subject to denial or redaction for instances such as:

  • Documents and information protected under the attorney-client privilege are exceptions subject to denial or redaction

  • FERPA-protected information

  • Specialized details of security arrangements or investigations

  • Personnel files

  • Letters of reference

  • Data protected through confidentiality of licensed personnel evaluations

  • Medical, mental health, sociological, and scholastic achievement data on individual persons

  • Any investigatory files compiled for any law enforcement purpose

  • Test questions, scoring keys, and other examination data pertaining to administration of a licensing examination, examination for employment, or academic examination

  • Addresses and telephone numbers of students in any public elementary or secondary school

  • Library records disclosing the identity of a user

  • Any records of sexual harassment complaints and investigations

  • Records protected under the common law governmental or “deliberative process” privilege

  • Personally identifiable information that is confidential pursuant to state or federal law

  • Information protected by Colorado’s Student Data Transparency and Security Act

  • Records otherwise protected unless otherwise provided by law